Public Eye News 1/31/2017

This footage is from a show I produced and directed. We are always looking to improve the daily broadcast and make it more entertaining and interactive for our viewers. This semester, we developed a new opening that was more informative than the former. For sports, we obtained footage from Northern Michigan University’s men’s and women’s […]

Public Eye News Producer/Director

This is an example of one show that I directed for Public Eye News at WNMU-TV 13 in Marquette, MI. I produce and direct fifteen minute broadcasts two to three times per week, sometimes also writing the script and technical directing. Other shows that I have produced and directed can be seen on the Public […]

Public Eye News 9/30/2016

Public Eye News, or PEN, is a 15-minute news broadcast written, produced and performed all by students at Northern Michigan University. I learned how to do behind the scenes work, including technical directing, graphics and camera, and I was a regular anchor for two years. I am currently a producer for PEN and select stories, packages and […]